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Honoring Our Independence

Two Hundred and Thirty Two years ago today, something truly magnificent took place. An assortment of men, varying in degrees of: intellect, wealth, strength, courage and faith, fearfully and anxiously, came together, in agreement upon one complex yet very fundamental idea, LIBERTY.

A rare event indeed had occurred. A shining of an intellectual light had ignited, flashed boldly and spread quickly for all to see and contemplate. And this great beacon illuminated a dream and placed a sparkle of responsibility in the hearts and minds of those colonists living under the dark oppression on the fringes of this brave new world. Out of enlightened thoughts, a new system of proper and just governance formed from learned minds and the grace from God, to guide us toward self-determination.

The seeds of democracy and self determination were born of thought but most importantly, they were realized through the commitment of unity and the execution of brave actions. Just imagine the overwhelming uncertainty, fear, and anxiety of those living amongst the divided colonists, some loyal to the crown others to independence. The fear and uncertainty must have been so intense, yet many dared so anxiously to speak of independence despite the fear of being turned in, tried and killed for treason.

The cause was born. The intention to be free was set in motion by some of the most courageous men and women who stood resolute in their unity and commitment to act. And these key ingredients, UNITY and COMMITTMENT, despite overwhelming fear and potential suffering is what makes those who won the revolution, worthy of our greatest respect on this and every Forth of July.

In respect and appreciation of those great souls who gave birth to our great and independent nation, we wish all of you, a proud, safe and Happy Independence Day.

Are you living in the America that your forefather's designed for you?

Are You Enlightened?

Our American Forefathers were very much influenced by the 18th century philosophy of “Enlightenment”. It is the foundation for our Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and our general social structure. This philosophy questioned the rights of the elitist self-appointed authorities and the entitlement they exercised over the people and it deemed them, inappropriate, immoral and unethical.

Enlightenment was the most benevolent and inspiring of all western philosophies as it propelled the European and American social orders out of the dark, tyrannical and feudalistic ages, into the greatest forms of Democracy. The honest simplicity and the nobility of the movement soon had it spreading across all of Europe and the rest of the globe. When we consider how brutally difficult it must have been for those under trained, out numbered and under supplied colonists to fight off the far superior British war machine, you can not help but imagine how this simple philosophy, the Utopian dream of a brotherhood of free men, must have inspired, encouraged, driven and finally delivered the colonies to a great victory and freedom from the greedy British Monarchy and its oppressive and empirical clutches.

What made this grand philosophy so glorious was that it focused around one very important and revolutionary new concept that the individual common man is the rightful measure of society. The long time serf had rightfully become the focus to which the entire social design had been devoted. No longer would there be any serfs, lords or kings. We were to be self-determined, free spirits as Abraham Lincoln so eloquently held, "...(a) government of the people, by the people, for the people...." All who choose to live here by these laws do so by virtue of a social contract - which in simple terms means that every individual consents to give up certain “State of Nature” rights, to a governing body made up of his peers, in exchange for a peaceable and fair social order where all enjoy equal; rights, opportunities, and protections. Keep in mind that under the “State of Nature Rights”, a being was only bound by his/her own conscience and would be free to kill, steal, or do whatever he or she felt necessary to survive and flourish. In other words, those rights grant mankind the natural right to survive by all means and he would likely live much the way lions or other animals survive in the wild. Clearly to give up these rights for the guarantee of peace, harmony, equality, freedom, and self-determination, is a good contract to agree upon.

Now consider for a moment if every individual opted not to give up their “Natural Rights” but continued to live by them, then, there would be no order, no country, no politicians, no great civilization, and no government. Therefore, based on this social agreement, clearly only the common people themselves can make our form of government legitimate. In other words, the government is granted existence because we agree to let it exist. However, we should only agree it into existence so long as it continues to serve us. After all, all elected officials are supposed to be "public servants". (Just a side bar, proof that there's more going on than public service; how many people do you know that would spend millions of dollars to be a servant, unless there's something bigger in it for them? there obviously lies one of the problems!)

Now that you have recalled the philosophy of Enlightenment and realize that it is the foundation of our revolutionary society, you may be inclined to ask yourself one question; when was the last time you honestly felt like the government operated with your best interests in mind? And when you are done considering that you will realize that, something has gone terribly awry. And more so, you will realize that you, your friends, your neighbors, your colleagues, your parents have taken our freedom for granted, and slept, while the corrupt powers that be, worked diligently and in concert to undermine your rights and your power. It is therefore the duty and responsibility of every individual, including myself, for whom this great nation is supposed to be dedicated, to unite and address those who are in breach of contract, to re-establish and reaffirm that the core of this great nation, is "We The People" (The Common Man). We must understand and accept that corruption never sleeps and that it only flourishes so long as it is not opposed, and therefore, it is we who must unite and oppose it, always. Any future failure to re-establish the ethics honor and servitude of our government will be our own fault. We can not reasonably expect to pull a lever once every four years and stave off the forces of evil and corruption. It would likely take a bit more to protect and maintain such a beautiful concept as freedom and democracy.

If we choose not to do anything more than step inside a voters booth a hand full of times per decade, then how can any of us face the idea that future generations of slaves, the Nuevo Serfs; (a.k.a. our children, and our children’s children), will point their ragged fingers back in history at us? How can we accept that they will grind their teeth while they toil in fear, wondering how we lost everything our great American fathers won for us? Our souls should in all fairness torment eternally with the question, how did we, the sons and daughters of some of the bravest and most intellectual people in history, become so fearful and obedient to that which was created to serve us. And how could we allow this entity to exist for so long after it clearly demonstrated a disconnect with our intentions?

It is undeniable that in this ever accelerating world, we need to exert more influence over the actions our so called representatives take on our behalf. The first and most important thing to that we all must do to re-establish ourselves as the center of this nation is to stop allowing ourselves to be divided and simply unite in fulfillment of our forefather’s intentions. At this point in history, it has never been more important to understand the importance of those old clichés; "United We Stand" and "Divided We Fall".

I chose to write about Enlightenment as the first official article for several reasons. First, it's important to understand the foundation of our nation’s greatness. All meaningful knowledge and understanding we acquire from this site or any other study of our government and history would not be complete, without first understanding the philosophy behind our forefather's thoughts and deeds. As Americans, we need to understand this philosophy, embrace it and do everything we can to protect it. And second, we who are now here need to do more than continually point out the obvious. We must believe that something as simple as a web site can unite us in thought and inspire us to get involved in finding realistic solutions. Take for example our Constitution; for so long it has been properly respected and protected. It's a living breathing document that is there to serve and protect you. Yet, as if it were no big deal at all, we all sat quietly while our President, whom We The People, supposedly elected and then re-elected, had passed into law the Patriot Act, which is the greatest violation of our constitutional rights. If every president following Bush chipped away at the constitution in the same way, it would not take very long at all before we would all become slaves to an authoritative tyrannical dictatorship.

It's easy to see how something like the Patriot Act, may not affect your life directly, but it really does. The very concept of our society based on unity and strength in numbers. It is the unselfish protection of our neighbors rights that grant us our own. If we do not permit any violations to others, they will also protect us by not allowing violations against us. Selfishness is the anti-constitution. To say it doesn't really affect me is just completely short sited to the grandest fault. You are your brother's keeper and he yours. Without the continued support of one another the corrupt powers, those who divider to gain power will win, and we the numerically superior will once again lose. It's such a very simple principle to follow, yet, today, many people sit by and judge policies solely on the basis of whether or not they affect themselves directly. If this is to become the norm, then we have already reached the beginning of the end of our great society. And when it's too late, it will be far too evident to all.

I understand that it's very easy to take a good thing for granted, it's natural, and we're all guilty of doing so. But it's not so easy to shrug a responsibility once one fully understands the consequences that their inaction will produce. Now that you have read this, you may no longer claim to be unaware, and while you still may choose not to tune in or not to act, you will understand that to do so is a betrayal of your responsibility and is simply unforgivable. But, I did not write this to trick you into feeling a responsibility, or so the readers would feel ashamed, or beat themselves up. I wrote it so that they will realize they are not powerless. I want our readers to feel inspired to talk about this with their peers and share this site with them so they too may learn, participate and tune in to a renewal of unity. I want for our people to learn and to exercise the incredible power of numbers so we may see what we can all accomplish, when we are once again united.

So please, take a moment to process this information. Regain your composure, and reconstitute your personal conviction to become a Patriotic American devoted to our great democratic republic. Vow to yourself to spread the word so that we may teach others how to become involved. We know that the system that our glorious forefathers designed is one of greatness, and we also know that we are NOT living in the society they intended. We understand that the direction we are heading is further and further away from their design. We can reasonably deduce that if we do nothing to address this, it will be a very short trip backwards to feudalism. Thank you for reading my article. I look forward to seeing you again, and to hearing your feedback.

Today, inaction is a choice of the free. It may be a betrayal of conscience, your children, and our great American Legacy. But, you are still very free to choose to do nothing. Tomorrow, inaction will be imposed upon you. You will have no choice to unite and speak up. You will not be able to choose to do nothing about the country you live in. Please, if you do nothing else, just spread the word and share with those around you this website.

A website dedicated to restoring the service in public service.

This site is currently under construction and will be up and running shortly. Please bookmark or add it to your favorites and then come again soon to explore and participate in a revolutionary new site. The format will be simple and designed for all, whether you have long had a great interest in American Government and Politics or like many others today, you've just begun to develop an interest due to the extreme changes in our current social and political affairs. Regardless of what has brought you here, we're glad you found us, and look forward to seeing you again and again.

There will be a link to academic references which will provide a basic understanding of our political system. This should prove to be a valuable tool for students or those seeking to learn more about the basics of our system. We will have interesting editorials based on the most up to date political news. You will have an opportunity to participate in a "Virtual Think Tank" where we will seek to identify the issues which require the attention of our representatives, but more than that we will be seeking to offer reasonable solutions to many of the issues that affect us most as a nation. We are confident that as AGP grows in readership we too will grow in influence. As our readers band together to put attention on those issues that matter most to us, we will be utilizing our true democratic rights as our forefathers intended.

It is the hope of to attract scholars, professionals in the arena of public service, as well as those well versed lay people who possess more than a passive interest in political affairs. Never the less, regardless of those whom we attract to participate, we are confident that everyone who does will enjoy learning and sharing their ideas.

Please come back soon and be a part of something important. The success of such a site really depends on finding enough passionate people with the knowledge and desire to make a difference. If you have any suggestions, questions or comments, or would just like to suggest a topic that you'd like to see discussed, please feel free to forward them to me via E-mail. Thank you for taking the time to check us out. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Modern Political Philosophy

Political Wisdom

The difference between knowledge and wisdom is that knowledge is static and singular in dimension while wisdom is universal and applied to many things. When it comes to politics, it is without argument that it is important to be able to retrieve knowledge in the form of names, dates, events and such, but it is more important to understand the meaning and reasons behind them. This is wisdom. The media may flood us with information on a daily basis, but it does little to educate us to the point that the knowledge they offer would actually empower us. This we must take upon ourselves to master. For this reason, we thought it would be good to introduce a new quote, maxim, proverb, or just a philosophical aspect on a regular basis, for us to exercise our minds on topics as they relate to our current social or political issues.

One example might be, the old maxim, that "the first rule of all entities is survival of self". It is natural for any being, whether it be a living being from nature, or a living being in the form of an office, panel, committee, title, philosophy or idea etc. This concept becomes of great importance when we apply it to government.

If for example, a primary goal of government is the resolution of conflicts, and the government becomes so efficient that all conflict is eliminated, then a government itself might become threatened to become unnecessary and therefore may manufacture conflicts, or simply neglect the expert command it has demonstrated over conflict until it becomes problematic again. To clarify, we would like to quote one of the great philosophers - who said: When the tyrant has disposed of foreign enemies by conquest or treaty, and there is nothing to fear from them, then he is always stirring up some war or other in order that the people may require a leader.
-- Plato

What is a politician anyway?

According to Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary,
Function: noun
Date: 1589
1: a person experienced in the art or science of government; especially : one actively engaged in conducting the business of a government
2 a: a person engaged in party politics as a profession b: a person primarily interested in political office for selfish or other narrow usually short-sighted reasons

Let's focus on part 2 b: of the definition. This is probably the most straightforward definition in modern times. And for our sake, we want this web site to develop enough supporters to pressure our representatives to quote Shakespeare. If we are successful, they will have to ask themselves - "...2 b: or not 2 b:, that is the question!"

It is our responsibility to remind our elected officials that they have a duty to serve the PEOPLE and the very cornerstone of our greatness, the Constitution. We can not call ourselves the beacon of democracy nor will we be able to call ourselves free so long as our politicians can be swayed by special interests or bribed through campaign contributions.

Swearing In

This is why the very oath that the President of the United States takes before entering office, is specified in Article II, Section 1, of the Constitution:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States...

If you've been puzzled about the Patriot Act, you are not alone. As far as Presidents go, many have made mistakes of varying degrees, and in time, our current President G.W. Bush may prove to be the leader of the pack, but aside from the numerous blunders and outright deliberate acts that have hurt the country, none can be more astounding than that of the Patriot Act. How can any U.S. President deliberately violate the very oath he or she has taken to become president in the first place? And more importantly, how is it that a nation of over Three Hundred MILLION people, can do little to nothing to protect ourselves against such disregard for the essence of our nation, our Constitution?

Please do not mistake this for yet another Bush bashing site, nor a place for partisan bickering there is plenty of fault on both sides of the aisle and personally, I believe that partisanism is a plot to divide and conquer. This site is intended to be a place where all the good and concerned people of the United States, can come to share ideas and opinions in a positive respectable fashion so that we may find the greatest good for all. The topics you may have read tody are only a very small sample of the type of content you might find at If you would like to post an article or editorial, please submit a brief paragraph summarizing your idea. I will thank you in advance for your desire to help build this site with important and enlightening content.

You Be The Judge

This video is just one of many hundreds of videos and other reports of conspiracies regarding, New World Order claims. We at American Government and Politics can not verify whether or not there is any legitimacy to these claims. However, we like many others are puzzled at the fact that if these are completely false, why are the subjects who are targeted in these allegations not defending themselves, nor suing on the grounds of slander or libel? Is it that they fear that going after these people would expose themselves to even greater claims or having the claims proven?

The answers are yet to be determined, but for now you can formulate your own opinions. The point of presenting this video is merely to say that regardless of whether or not these claims of a conspiracy by elite powers trying to manipulate the world into a New World Order are true or not, the possibility does exist. And that is why, we have to organize and take action to prevent having our future completely controlled by any secret, elitist or otherwise agenda oriented powerful organizations.

Words of Wisdom

"I have come to the conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians." - Charles De Gaulle

"The place to improve the world first is in ones own heart and head and hands." - Robert Persig

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them, will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. - Thomas Jefferson

"Those who refuse to learn from history are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana

"You must not fight too often with one enemy, or you will teach him all your art of war." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"The gem cannot be polished without friction; not a man perfected without trials." - Chinese proverb

"It may roundly be asserted that human ingenuity cannot concoct a cipher which human ingenuity cannot resolve." - Edgar Allen Poe

"Our great modern Republic. May those who seek the blessings of its institutions and the protection of its flag remember the obligations they impose." - Ulysses S. Grant

"This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave." - Elmer Davis

"The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of the blessings. The inherent blessing of socialism is the equal sharing of misery." - Winston Churchill

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